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bullet Read Appeals Court Decision in the Logan Scott McClelland ("Big O Tire") Decision
bullet DC GUN BAN:  On June 26, 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States holds 5 - 4 that the Second Amendment conveys an INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms!!  Read the decision (157 pages, 1MB, PDF file): SCOUS-HellerOpinion.pdf

bullet A District of Columbia resident filed suit claiming the DC gun ban violates his Second Amendment rights.  The DC District Court denied his suit.  The decision was appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit which overturned the lower court's ruling.  DC has appealed to the US Supreme Court which, on November 20, 2007, agreed to take the case.  The essence of this case is whether or not the 2A protects the individual right to keep and bear arms.  Here are some of the important documents on this case:
bullet Colorado Attorney General John Suthers joins 12 other states' AGs in defending our rights: State AG Brief
bullet US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit overturns lower court and upholds 2A rights: DC Appeals Court Decision
bullet Link to all of the documents in this important case: DC Gun Ban Pleadings
bullet On March 18, 2008, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the DC handgun ban case.  Here is the transcript of this session and audio recording (in a couple of formats).  To keep track of who is speaking, I suggest you down load the transcript and follow along with the audio (the Real Player version, from C-SPAN, does a good job of pointing out who is speaking):
bullet Download a copy of the transcript (Adobe Reader required) Heller SC Oral Transcript
bullet Download an MP3 version of the Oral Arguments
bullet Listen to the audio recording of the oral arguments (RealPlayer required)

bullet Truth about Right to Carry (NRA Youtube video)

bullet Excellent ABC-TV report on Crime and Gun Control

bullet US Forest Service and Shooting Ranges along the Front Range:  On August 9, 2007, Brent Botts, District Ranger for the Pikes Peak Ranger District, spoke to PPFC members about the status of the Forest Service's Designated Shooting Area on Rampart Range Road and the effort to establish more ranges along the Front Range.  Below are the two documents he referred to during the meeting (you will need Adobe Acrobat to read):

bullet Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including the NRA, to facilitate cooperative relationships between the members to, among other things, resolve issues regarding hunting, fishing, and shooting sports activities on federal lands:  Federal Lands Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting Sports Roundtable MOU

bullet NRA Report on the condition of the Rampart Range Designated Shooting Area:  NRA Rampart Range Shooting Site Report

bullet Twenty-six reasons why Americans have the right to keep and bear arms: Firearm Refresher Course
bullet Anti-gun organization still using Columbine to take our freedoms Washington Times article and rebuttal

bullet Not sure how our country is supposed to work? Read Government for Dummies

bullet I sent mother-in-law packing by Joseph Farah

bullet Armed Against Terrorism by George Will

bullet Colorado Governor Owens Opposes Senate Bill 01-225 Read his letter to John Head

bullet A guns-rights civics lesson By Jon Dougherty A lesson that every legislator - city, county, state, national - should heed

bullet Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality By Sarah Thompson, M.D. Read a great article

bullet SAFE Colorado trying to require background checks on private transfers at gun shows. Read about our fight to perserve our private property rights. Fighting SAFE Initiative

bullet "Will Amendment 22 make Colorado safer?" "NO" says Bernie Herpin in a Gazette column

bullet The Honorable Neil Turner, MP, Queensland, Australia, was the guest speaker at the August 10, 2000, meeting of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition. He spoke on the gun control laws that had been enacted in Australia as a result of a madman's attack in Port Arthur. As you read his remarks, substitute "Columbine" for "Port Arthur" and "America" for "Australia" and I think you will see where we in America may be headed if we don't wake up! Read his remarks

bullet Real facts about guns and violence from the Progressive Review. Read great article

bullet Five steps that YOU can do to help protect our Second Amendment rights: Can Do!

bullet Think you should support gun control? Read this!

bullet Nine myths of gun control: Myths!

bullet "Close the gun show loophole!" cries HCI. "What gun show loophole?" askes David Kopel

bullet "To keep and bear arms" -- the real reason by Walter Williams
bullet "The Supreme Court’s Thirty-five Other Gun Cases" by David Kopel

bullet Read Pro-gun Articles by Professor John Lott

bullet Federal Judge rules Second Amendment is an individual right! Federal Judge Sam Cummings of the Northern District of Texas recently dismissed an indictment against Timothy Joe Emerson for possession of a firearm while having a temporary restraining order against him. The judge cited violations of Emerson’s Second and Fifth Amendment rights, and rejected the Government lawyer’s claim that it was "well-settled" that the Second Amendment was only a collective right. This marks the first time in over 60 years that a federal judge has correctly interpreted the Second Amendment as a crucial individual right. View Ruling

bullet Results of the 12th annual survey of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs: The following survey questions were posed in the last 60 days by mail of 16,000 Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs that was recently completed. It represents a cross section of professional officers involving every state with a 10% response. The survey was conducted for the 12th consecutive year by the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Washington, D.C., (202)293-9088. Has some interesting results on the firearm questions. The survey covers a lot of other questions as well -- check the response to question #29 about a UN police force. Read Survey Results

bullet Ever wonder why mass shootings take place in most white, middle-class settings? Read what Thomas Sowell thinks. Thomas Sowell: Shooting the helpless

bullet A classic essay on our freedoms: A Nation of Cowards

bullet We are told by Bill Clinton that "every day in America, 13 children are killed by guns". It's virtually the same claim made repeatedly by other politicians, and by groups advocating firearm-prohibition like Cease Fire. And the sense of urgency to enact new legislation, calculated to result from such a sound bite, is almost irresistible. But the claim is bogus: "REASONABLE" GUN-CONTROL: AN OXYMORON

bullet A great article on the current gun control battle -- it's not about guns, but about protecting the Constitution! Charley Reese: Worry about the freedom to own a gun -- even if you don't

bullet Another great article on the current gun control battle -- If you have to obtain a government license to exercise a right, it is not a right! Charley Reese: A License to Buy Firearms Is a Sure Sign of Government Mistrust

bullet Registration Leads to Confiscation in California! In 1989, the California legislature enacted a law requiring the registration of a list of "assault" weapons by January 1, 1992. Now, the State Legislature has passed a law banning the SKS Sporter rifles and Californians have until January 1, 2000 to turn in these firearms. Since law-abiding citizens complied with the registration requirements, the state now has a list of SKS Sporter owners. For those not turned in by January 1, 2000, you can expect a visit by a law enforcement official shortly thereafter. California is treating this as a "buy back" program. This is real!

bullet Darrell Scott's Congressional Testimony (Mr. Scott is the father of a daughter killed and a son injured in the terrorist attack on Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999.)



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